Amazon is no longer supporting us

NOTE: AMAZON HAS REVERSED ITS POSITION AND IS NOW COOPERATING WITH THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. They have reopened our affiliate accounts as of October 3rd 2011.

Old info:

Amazon notified me on June 29th 2011 that they have terminated this program, and will no longer be making payments to affiliates in California.

Amazon stated that their reasons have to do with a new California law requiring collection of sales tax. In my opinion, Amazon's reasons are ethically bankrupt, and should not be respected. However, I am located in California, and so this is imposed on Medieval Music & Arts. My recommendation to you is to stop patronizing Amazon. My opinion of them has plummeted with this decision, seemingly based on a self-centered desire to maintain a competitive advantage over other retailers who are required to collect sales tax.

Thank you for your support in this difficult time. Our non-profit status prevents me from saying anything explicitly political here.

Todd M. McComb