Medieval Music & Arts: Privacy Policy

I have been required to place a privacy policy here.

When you visit our website, we do log each "hit" with the originating IP address. We do not use cookies or any further means of tracking. We have no way of linking you or your IP address to any purchase you make. We do not possess any other information about you.

We do not save your IP address beyond the time it takes to crunch log data, and then we save only the originating TLD, i.e. .com or .fr or such, to help us understand where our visitors are. We keep this as a total, as in how many millions of "hits" we've had from .com etc., and have no way of linking this information to any individual.

We do not share even this information with anyone else, other than sometimes posting an approximate total of "pages viewed" for the year on our front page.

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Todd M. McComb