The facsimile shown by APEL on his page 109 isn't easily readable. Olivier Bettens nevertheless got its essential meaning, once posted in the newsgroup, and he kindly allows me to quote it here. He shouldn't be held as responsible for my musical trancription.
The song has a rondeau structure ; unfortunately, I feel quite unable to translate it, since I don't understand every detail of its meaning even in French...

Dangier tu m'as tollu ma dame
Par ton tres deloyal rapport
Dont j'en suis jusques à la mort
Car je l'ayme sur toute femme

Sur toutes bonnes la reclame
Qui en parle c'est ayant tort

refrain : Dangier...

Je supplie la belle dame
Des cyeulx et de salut le port
Que brief (...?) donne la mort
A ceux qui en disent diffame

refrain : Dangier...

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