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Who am I ?


My little self

Donnenheim (Alsace),
june 28th 1998

Concert Donnenheim Program of the concert
Dowland : First of Lachrimae , The King of Denmark's Galiard ;
Ruffo : La disperata, La brava ;
Franck : Several pavans and galliards ;
Scheidt : Canzon super cantionem Belgicam ;
Gabrieli : Canzon prima.

Alain  -  june 1997

Ouessant island (Britain)

september 1995  -  Lucette
Ouessant Alain Thanks to D.L. who scanned the photos Ouessant Lucette

We're not quite used to ride bicycles... and the wind was so terrible there! But, if you choose the right direction in the morning, it will take you 3 hours to go, and just 20 minutes to come back home in the evening!

Of course, photos don't show anything inside people... Visiting this site may tell you a little more about that, hopefully!

Well, and what else is my life made of? As a job, I'm working with computers (mostly giving courses), and I have'nt any other hobby than music, excepted perhaps a gentle walk in some forest from time to time. Oh yes, I can remember about swimming and playing water-polo, but that was a long time ago!

Summarizing, there's nothing very particular in this life... oh, I forgot: I haven't any TV set :-)

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A charming family member


My little site

Don't think I'm specialized in renaissance music, and don't think that I'm a professional, or that I'm listening to this music only.

Thus my pages about ancient notation are just given here to share the effort I've made to understand this subject more thoroughly : I always need to write down some stuff in order to check my own understanding of it, so these pages are just a by-product of such a process, and you're kindly requested to comment about them or to disagree with them!

Quite naturally, I was attracted by renaissance which I consider to be the very golden age of recorder. And I didn't think I would be able to make a site of a fair level about all periods of music, thus I preferred to focuse it on this period which was less often proposed than baroque or romantic ones, for example, at least at the moment when I began to think about it.