Hortus Dei

Hortus Dei
Luc Arbogast
Arbogast (no number) [CD]


    Luc Arbogast
  1. Morgenstern

  2. Anon., jewish/spanish (sepharad), 13th c.
  3. La rosa enflorece

  4. Luc Arbogast
  5. La valse du miroir
  6. In memoriam Alesia

  7. Walter von der Vogelweide, 1170-1228
  8. Pälastina lied

  9. Luc Arbogast
  10. Dame de Cataluña

  11. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Marí
  12. CSM 159: Non sofre Santa Maria

  13. Luc Arbogast
  14. Beold de maï

  15. Anon., french
  16. Entre moi et mon ami

  17. Luc Arbogast
  18. Unicornus
  19. Hortus Dei

  20. Nicole Chiapello
  21. Ange

Luc Arbogast (counter-tenor, bouzouki, guitars, small round bells), Mélusine (voice, tranverse flute, chimes, glockenspiel). Joël Traunecker (hurdy-gurdy, Bernard Esch (percussions)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Studio ADR, Strasbourg, France [2007 or prior];
Rel.: 2007

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Reviewed in:

Information from CD and website. Readers should be cautious about the medieval content: some titles are obviously medieval but the content is for the most part "inspired" by the middle age and made of personal arrangements. His vocal range is noteworthy,

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