The Medici Wedding

The Medici Wedding
13 Motets of the Medici Codex
Ring Ensemble
Alba Records Oy 154


    Jean Mouton: Domine, salvum fac regem
  1. Domine, salvum fac regem
  2. Deus qui Moysi
  3. Mouton: Salva nos, Domine
  4. Andreas da Silva: Intonuit de caelo
  5. Anonymous: Confundantur superbi

  6. Constantius (Costanzo) Festa: Deduc me, Domine
  7. Deduc me, Domine
  8. Et respondebo

  9. Andreas da Silva: Omni pulchritudo Domini
  10. Omni pulchritude Domini
  11. Ascendes Christus
  12. Adrian Willaert: Virgo gloriosa
  13. Jean Mouton: Nesciens mater
  14. Mouton: Missus est angelus Gabriel
  15. Mouton: Hic erit magnus

  16. Jean le Santier: Alma redemptoris mater
  17. Alma redemptoris mater
  18. Virgo prius ac posterius

  19. Adrian Willaert: Regina Caeli
  20. Regina Caeli
  21. Resurrexit, sicut dixit
  22. Antonius Divitis: Per lignum salvi facti sumus
  23. Jean Richafort: Veni, Sponsa Christi

Performers: Ring Ensemble: Anneliina Koskinen (soprano); Uli Korhonen (soprano); Susanna Tollet (alto); Johanna Talasniemi (alto); Olli Hannuksela (tenor); Heiki Kulo (tenor); Teppo Lampela (baritone); Kari Kaarna (baritone).]

Playing time: 67:03

Recording date: April 2000

The Medici Codex is a large collection of polyphonic compositions compiled as a wedding gift for the marriage of Lorenzo II de Medici, Duke of Urbino, and Madeleine de la Tour, daughter of Francis I. The codex, presented by an unknown donor, was edited by Mouton, whose works figure prominently in it, as do those of Willaert. Nothing is known of le Santier or the anonymous composers other than their appearance in the Codex. All works in the codex are sacred pieces, with the sole exception of Josquin's Nymphes des Bois.

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Christopher Schifani