Christmas Music

Christmas Music
The Clerkes of Oxenford
Abbey S 603 [LP]


  1. Quid petis, o fili

  2. Sophronios
  3. Pro tis genniseos

  4. Wright
  5. Nesciens mater

  6. Anon.
  7. Angelus ad Virginem
  8. I come from heaven high to tell
  9. Nova, nova, ave fit ex Eva
  10. Nowell, owt of your slepe
  11. Gaudete, gaudete
  12. Christus est natus
  13. Quem pastores laudavere

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Clerkes of Oxenford

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1970 or prior]

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Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
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Information from Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-playing Records # 502.

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