Fikon, fiddlor och finlir

Fikon, fiddlor och finlir - Figs, fiddles and fine play
En musikalisk smak av 1300-talet - A musical taste of the 14th century
Acantha 0043


  1. Alfonso X (Cantiga 203): Quen polo amor
  2. Alfonso X (Cantiga 209): Muito faz grand'ero
  3. Anon: Sia laudato san Francesco
  4. Anon: Istampitta Ghaetta
  5. Alfonso X (Cantiga 23): Como Deus fez
    Alfonso X (Cantiga 8): A Virgen
  6. Machaut: Je vivroie liement
  7. Machaut: Liement me deport
  8. Machaut: Dame, a vous sans retollier
    Anon: Dansse real
  9. Landini: Ne la più cara parte
  10. Landini: Questa fanciulla amor
  11. Anon: Laudar vollio per amore
  12. Alfonso X (Cantiga 106): Prijon forte
    Alfonso X (Cantiga 5-Fiestas): Tan beeyta
  13. Alfonso X (Cantiga 155): Ali u a pedença
  14. Alfonso X (Cantiga 331): En a que Deus

Performers: Erik Ask-Upmark (harps, bagpipes, organetto, voice), Anna Rynefors (harp, bagpipe, rebec, percussion, voice), Göran Hallmarken (hurdy-gurdy, percussion), Sven Jansson (percussion), Karin Strinnholm Lagergren (voice), Stefan Wikström (trombone), Anders Ådin (lute, hurdy-gurdy)

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: March, 2003 (Sweden)

The theme of this recording is food, and the liner notes contain many medieval recipes.

This ensemble's previous recording:

Cantigas de Santa Maria
Acantha 0042

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