Italian Ars Nova

d'Amor Ragionando
Ballades du neo-Stilnovo en Italie: 1380-1415
Mala Punica
Arcana A22
Arcana A345


  1. Landini: Che Chosa è quest'Amor (2 voices, recorder, vielle, organetto)
  2. Landini: Giovine vagha / Amor c'al tuo sugetto (voice, recorder, 2 vielles, organetto, lute)
  3. Landini: Fortuna ria (2 voices, vielle)
  4. Matteo de Perugia: Serà quel zorno may (voice, recorder, 2 vielles, bells)
  5. Magister Zacharias: Ad ogne vento (2 voices, recorder, 2 vielles, organetto)
  6. Ciconia: Merçè o morte (voice, 2 vielles)
  7. Magister Zacharias: Movit'a pietade (recorder, organetto)
  8. Anthonello de Caserta / Matteo de Perugia: Più chiar che'l sol (2 voices, recorder, 2 vielles, lute)
  9. Landini: Amor in huom gentil (2 recorders, vielle, organetto)

Performers: Pedro Memelsdorff (recorder), Kees Boeke (vielle, recorder), Svetlana Fomina (vielle), Christophe Deslignes (organetto), Karl-Ernst Schröder (lute), Jill Feldman (voice), Giuseppe Maletto (voice), Alberto Macchini (bells)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: June, 1994

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 578-114 (March 2010)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 19/2- (November/December 1995); 34/2-562 (November/December 2010)

Reissued in: Arcana 372 [CDx3].

Along with music from the "true" Italian Ars Subtilior repertory, this recording also includes reworkings of Landini's songs (by composers after his death, as well as reconstructions by the ensemble) to fit the new style. Similarly, track #8 is a reworking of Caserta's ballade by Matteo de Perugia.

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Todd M. McComb