Cabezón: La Tecla de l'Alma

Antonio de Cabezón: La Tecla de l'Alma
Paola Erdas
Arcana 357


  1. Tiento II
  2. Ave maris stella (w/ voice)
  3. Ave maris stella I
  4. Tiento del quinto tono
  5. Tres III sobre "El canto llano de la alta"
  6. Pavana italiana
  7. Pavana hispanica
  8. Tiento sobre "Malheur me bat"
  9. Tiento I
  10. Arbeau: Belle qui tiens ma vie (w/ voice)
  11. Diferencias sobre el canto "La Dama le demanda"
  12. Tiento del primer tono
  13. Gloria Patri (w/ voice)
  14. Anon: Guardame las vacas
  15. Narváez: Diferencias sobre "Guardame las vacas"
  16. Anon: Cinco diferencias sobre "Las vacas"
  17. Diferencias sobre "Las vacas"
  18. Gombert: Dezilde al caballero (w/ voice)
  19. Diferencias sobre "El canto llano del Caballero"
  20. Romance "Para quien crie yo cabellos"
  21. Pavana glosada

Performers: Paola Erdas (harpsichord; Andreas Kilström, Stockholm 2003, after Jean Couchet, 1652), Lia Serafini (soprano)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: May 2009 (Netherlands); released: 2010

This program includes some songs on which Cabezón based variations or other treatments, as well as some related items by other composers. Attributions for individual items are not always entirely clear. There is also a track #22, not listed in the booklet, which is a vocal work in a different style.

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Todd M. McComb