Dowland: Lute Lessons

Dowland: Lute Lessons
Fantasies, Pavuins, Galliards, Almaines, Corantoes...
Nigel North
Arcana 36


  1. Preludium (P 98)
  2. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard (P 41)
  3. Go From My Window (P 64)
  4. The Frog Galliard (P 23a)
  5. Can she excuse (Galliard) (P 42)
  6. Mrs. Vaux's Jig (P 57)
  7. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (P 66a)
  8. Mrs. Winter's Jump (P 55)
  9. Fortune My Foe (P 62)
  10. Robin (P 70)
  11. The Battle Galliard (P 40)
  12. Piper's Pavan (P 08)
  13. Galliard To Piper's Pavan (P 19)
  14. Walsingham (P 67)
  15. Galliard 'Mignarda' (P 34)
  16. Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens (P 09)
  17. Forlorn Hope Fancy (P 02)
  18. Sir John Smith, His Almaine (P 47)
  19. The Shoemakers Wife. A Toy (P 58)
  20. Melancholy Galliard (P 25)
  21. My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe (Almain) (P 54)
  22. Lachrimae Pavan (P 15)
  23. Galliard To Lachrimae (P 46)
  24. Fantasie (P 1/1a)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: February 1995 (Nantes)

Information from Michael Petersen.

When it was initially released, it appeared that this might be a recording of music by Robert Dowland, but it is John Dowland. Recordings devoted to Robert Dowland:

Robert Dowland: A Varietie of Lute Lessons (1610)
Nigel North
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Elizabethan Lute Music
Robert Dowland's Variety of Lute Lessons
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A related recital by the present performer:

Go From My Window
English Renaissance Ballad Tunes for the Lute by John Dowland and his contemporaries
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