Castello / Scarani

Sonate Concertate in Stil Moderno
Virtuoso Instrumental Music by Castello and Scarani
Concerto Palatino
Accent 9058

Included in budget reissue Accent 30058 (2 CDs)


  1. Castello: Sonata Decima Quarta, à 4 (cornetto, violin, curtal, harpsichord)
  2. Scarani: Sonata Sexta, à 2 (2 violins, 2 trombones, curtal, harpsichord)
  3. Castello: Sonata Ottava, à 2 (cornetto, 2 violins, 2 trombones, theorbo, organ)
  4. Scarani: Sonata Decima Terza, à 3 (2 violins, trombone, curtal, harpsichord)
  5. Castello: Sonata Decima, à 3 (2 cornettos, 2 trombones, theorbo)
  6. Scarani: Sonata Decima Sexta, à 3 (2 violins, trombone, curtal, harpsichord)
  7. Castello: Sonata Duodecima, à 3 (2 violins, trombone, curtal, harpsichord)
  8. Scarani: Sonata Terza, à 2 (2 cornettos, 2 trombones, theorbo, curtal, organ)
  9. Castello: Sonata Decima Settima, à 4 "In ecco" (2 trombones, curtal, harpsichord)
  10. Scarani: Sonata Decima Ottava, à 3 "Sopra La Novella" (2 cornettos, 2 trombones, harpsichord)
  11. Castello: Quarta Sonata, à 2 (cornetto, 2 violins, trombone, theorbo, curtal, harpsichord)
  12. Scarani: Sonata Decima Quinta, à 3 (cornetto, violin, 2 trombones, theorbo, organ)
  13. Castello: Sonata Decima Terza, à 4 (2 violins, curtal, harpsichord)

Performers: Bruce Dickey, Doron Sherwin (cornettos), Charles Toet, Wim Becu (trombones), Enrico Gatti, Luigi Mangiocavallo (violins), Bernhard Junghänel (curtal), Stephen Stubbs (theorbo), Klaus Eichhorn (organ), Jacques Ogg (harpsichord)

Playing time: 73'

Recording date: June 1990

This is an important recording, illustrating the early cornetto sonata repertory. Dario Castello (fl. 1620-30) and Giuseppe Scarani (fl.1630) were two of the most important early composers (and performers) for this instrument, although details of their lives are obscure.

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Todd M. McComb