Segovia Songbook

El Cancionero de la Catedral de Segovia
Ensemble Daedalus
Accent 9176
Accent 10076


  1. Heinrich Isaac (canzona à 4): Morte che fay
  2. Jakob Obrecht (motet à 5): Omnis spiritus laudet
  3. Anon (chanson à 4): Fortuna disperata
  4. Antoine Busnoys (chanson à 3): Fortuna disperata
  5. Isaac (chanson à 5): Fortuna disperata
  6. Johannes Tinctoris: De tous biens playne
  7. Isaac (quodlibet à 2): De tous biens playne
  8. Hayne von Ghizeghem (chanson à 3): De tous biens playne
  9. Juan Urreda (motet à 4): Pange lingua
  10. Juan del Encina (villancico à 3): Ya no quiero tener fe
  11. Francisco de la Torre (villancico à 3): Justa fué mi perdición
  12. del Encina (villancico à 3): Romerico, tú que vienes
  13. del Encina (villancico à 4): Todos los bienes del mundo

Performers: Maria Cristina Kiehr, Otto Rastbichler, Josep Benet, Josep Cabré, Roberto Festa, Koko Taylor, Hugh Sandilands, Renée Stock, Sergi Casademunt, René Van Laken

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: August 1991

The Segovia Songbook was compiled in Spain c.1500; it contains a subtantial number of pieces by composers working elsewhere, as well as a variety of genres. This program begins with Franco-Flemish composers, and then proceeds to Spanish composers (pivoting on Urreda who apparently moved to Spain from the Low Countries, changing his name from Johannes Wreede in the process).

Although this performance uses a variety of vocal & instrumental combinations, the texture is overwhelmingly vocal. The pace is slow and serious.

A classic recording devoted exclusively to the villancico genre:

Atrium Musicæ de Madrid
Harmonia Mundi musique d'abord 1901025

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