Gibbons: Anthems, Consort songs, etc.

Musique Anglaise du XVIIème siècle: Volume I
Orlando Gibbons: The Cries of London and other Musicke Apt for Viols and Voyces
Ensemble William Byrd - Graham O'Reilly
Adda 581169


  1. Psalm to the First Preces: The Eyes of All wait upon Thee
  2. Consort Ode: Do not repine, fair sun
  3. Madrigal: Trust not too much, fair youth
  4. Consort Anthem: Blessed are all they that fear the Lord
  5. Verse Anthem: O God, the King of Glory
  6. In Nomine (5 viols)
  7. The Cries of London
  8. The Lord of Salisbury His Pavin (harp)
  9. Consort Anthem: Sing unto the Lord, O ye Saints of His
  10. Verse Anthem: If ye be Risen again with Christ
  11. Consort Anthem: See, See, The Word is Incarnate
  12. Consort Song: What is our life?

Performers: Brigitte Vinson, Catherine Jousselin (mezzos), Graham O'Reilly, Douglas Nasrawi (tenors), James Gowings (baritone), Paul Willenbroek (bass), Luis-Emilio Rodriguez (treble viol, consort direction), Hiroshi Fukuzawa, Jonathan Dunford (tenor viols), Christine Plubeau (bass & treble viols), Pauly van Laarhoven (bass viol), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp, chamber organ)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: June 1989

This is an interesting selection, well-performed. In some ways, this disc is the best introduction to Gibbons.

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Todd M. McComb