Titelouze organ music

Titelouze: Hymns et Magnificat
Sylvain Ciaravolo
ADDA 581305


  1. Veni Creator
  2. Exultet coelum
  3. Pange lingua
  4. Conditor alme siderum
  5. Ave maris stella
  6. Magnificat quarti toni
  7. Magnificat sexti toni

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: April 1992

Instrument: Grandes Orgues Historiques de la Cathédrale de Rodez (1628)

Jehan Titelouze (c.1563-1633) is often called the Father of French Organ Music, and indeed he was the first composer to publish printed collections (in 1623 and 1626), although other composers had certainly written organ music in the past. His style is extremely rigorous and almost academic, yet with a fine melodic component.

The present recording includes five hymns (from the first and most difficult of his publications) and two magnificats (from the second publication). These pieces are performed with chant alternation, in keeping with the style of the time.

Another recording:

Titelouze: Hymnes & Magnificat
Jean-Charles Ablitzer (organ) / Ensemble Organum (chant)
Harmonic 9037

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