Guillaume Boni: Motets

Boni: Motets (1573)
Ensemble Jacques Moderne - Jean-Pierre Ouvrard
ADDA Musica Nova MN 8


  1. Adesto dolori meo
  2. Tristis es anima mea
  3. Pater peccavi
  4. Exultate justi
  5. Cenantibus illis
  6. Fremuit spiritus (a 7)
  7. Exaudi Domine
  8. Inclina Domine
  9. Media vita
  10. Emendemus in melius
  11. Exurge Domine
  12. Hei mihi Domine
  13. Peccavi super numerum (a 6)
  14. Domine quis habitatit
  15. Cantate Domino
  16. Non turbetur
  17. Congregati sunt
  18. Amen, amen dico vobis

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: November 1991

Guillaume Boni (c.1530-c.1594) was a provincial composer in Toulouse. His style incorporates some Italian madrigal ideas, but always in a fully unified form.

This recording includes most of Boni's 24 motets from the 1573 publication. The performance is by a mixed chamber choir, and is one of the best renditions of the music of the period. The unmarked pieces are in 5 or 6 voices (each consistent throughout).

A recording devoted to Boni's best-known chanson series:

Boni: Les Amours de Pierre de Ronsard
Ensemble per cantar e sonar - Stéphane Caillat
Arion 55455

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