In Memoriam – Machaut: Messe Notre Dame

In Memoriam – Guillaume de Machaut: Messe Notre Dame
Ensemble Musica Nova – Lucien Kandel, dir.
Aeon AECD 1093 [CD-Postcard]


    Philippe de Vitry
  1. Gratissima Virginis / Vos Qui Admiramini

  2. Anon., Codex Robertsbridge
  3. Adesto (diminution organ)

  4. Philippe de Vitry
  5. Impudenter / Virtutibus Laudabilis

  6. ? Pierre de Bruges, Codex Ivrea
  7. Musicalis Sciencia / Sciencie Laudabili

  8. ? Gilles d'Orléans, Codex Chantilly
  9. Alma Polis Religio / Axe Poli Cum Artica

  10. Bernard de Cluny
  11. Apollinis Eclipsatur / Pantheon Abluitur / Zodiacum Signis Lustrantibus / In Omnem Terram

  12. Anon., Codex Robertsbridge
  13. Tribum (diminution organ)

  14. Guillaume de Machaut: Messe Notre Dame
  15. Kyrie 1
  16. Christe
  17. Kyrie 2 – Kyrie 3
  18. Gloria
  19. Credo
  20. Sanctus
  21. Agnus Dei
  22. Ite Missa Est

  23. Anon., Codex Faenza
  24. Benedicamus Domino (diminution organ)

  25. Andrieu
  26. Armes, Amours / O Flour Des Flours

Ensemble Musica Nova
Christel Boiron (cantus), Caroline Magalhaes (cantus), Marie-Claude Vallin (cantus), Lucien Kandel (countertenor), Xavier Olagne (countertenor), Thierry Peteau (tenor), Jérémie Couleau (tenor), Marc Busnel (bass), Guillaume Olry (bass), Joseph Rassam (gothic organ)
Lucien Kandel, dir.

Playing time: 76' 58"

Recording site and date:
Abbaye de Royaumont, France [04/2010];
Rel.: 2010

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 585-98 (November 2010)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 35/1-340 (September/October 2011)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 88/1067-84 (February 2011)

Information from Todd McComb. The Kyrie tracks are performed in alternation with diminutions from the Faenza Codex. Timing is actual time; 75'34 on container. The label number is listed as AECD 0993 on the spine.

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