Deo gratias Anglia

Deo gratias Anglia
English songs from the hundred years' war
Ensemble Céladon - Paulin Bündgen
Aeon AECD 1218


  1. Agincourt carol
  2. Angelus ad virginem
  3. Nowel sing we
  4. Now wolde fayne
  5. Pray for us
  6. Do way Robin. Sancta mater gratiae
  7. Perspice christicola
  8. Stella maris nuncuparis
  9. O Maria, Virgo pia
  10. Virgo pudicicie
  11. Gabriel. Fram Heven-King
  12. Lullay, lullow
  13. O sponsa dei electa
  14. There is no rose
  15. O Singularis et insignis
  16. Do way Robin. Sancta mater gratiae
  17. Cormacus scripsit

Ensemble Céladon
Anne Delafosse (soprano), Clara Coutouly (soprano), Paulin Bündgen (countertenor), Nolwenn Le Guern (fiddle), Ludwin Bernaténé (drums)

Playing time: 58' 09"

Recording site and date:
Eglise Notre-Dame de Centeilles [23-26/06/2010]
Rel.: 2012

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 36/3- (January/February 2013)

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