Gothic and Renaissance, Volume One

Music of the Gothic Period and Early Renaissance, Volume 1
The Vielle Trio with Du Bose Robertson
Allegro LEG 9019 [LP, mono]


    Anon., Glogau Songbook, 1480
  1. Ich sah einmal dem Morgenstern (Song of the Dawn)

  2. Heinrich Isaak
  3. Helas, Que Denera (instr.)
    Der Hundt (instr., ver. 2)

  4. Anon., Glogau Songbook, 1480
  5. Ich bin erfreut aus Rotem Mund

  6. Anon., ca 1500
  7. Peasant dance: Gassenhauer und Hupfauf

  8. Anon., Egenolf Songbook, 1535
  9. Ein Laeppisch Mann (Song of the Court Jester)

  10. Anon., Egenolf Songbook, ca 1500
  11. Die drei bauern (The Three Peasants)

  12. ----
    Anon, Italy, ca 1300
  13. En Trinitatis

  14. Giovanni da Firenze
  15. Io son un Pellegrino (ca 1350)

  16. Jacopo di Bologna
  17. Composition for Three Instruments

  18. Francesco Landino
  19. Madrigal: El Mi Dolce Sospir

  20. Jacob Obrecht
  21. Three voiced piece I
    Three-voiced piece II
    Three-voiced piece III

Vielle Trio
Franz Siedersbeck (alto vielle), Beatrice Dohme (alto vielle), Werner Landshoff (tenor vielle)
& Du Bose Robertson (tenor).

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1949];
Rel.: 1955 ?.

Allegro al 72 [LPx2] Music of the Gothic Period and the early Renaissance, volume 2. Played by the Vielle Trio on Ancient Instruments with Du Bose Robertson, tenor.

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