Ciconia / Dufay - Chansons

Ciconia / Dufay - Chansons
Ensemble Fortuna
Aliud ACD BH 047-2


  1. Dufay: J'atendray
  2. Fabri: Die mey so lieflic
  3. Dufay: Je me complains
  4. Dufay: Mon chier amy
  5. Anon: Cheulz qui volent
  6. Dufay: Adieu ces bons vins de Lanoys
  7. Dufay: Navre je suis
  8. Dufay: Ce jour de l'an
  9. Ciconia: Aler m'en veus
  10. Fabri: Ach Vlaenderen vrie
  11. Anon: Ave Maris Stella
  12. Ciconia: Ligiadra donna
  13. Landini: Che cosa e quest' Amor?
  14. Anthonella de Caserta: Piu chiar che'l sol
  15. Ciconia: Gli atti col dançar
  16. Dufay: La belle se siet
  17. Dufay: Dona i ardenti ray
  18. Landini: Amor in huom gentil

Performers: Jacqueline Dubach (recorders), Christopher Kale (tenor), Elly van Munster (lute), Jonathan Talbott (vielle), Hilde Van Ruymbeke (soprano)

Playing time: 58'

Release date: 2010

Information from Premiere website and Johan Borremans.

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