Songs of Peace and Consolation

Songs of Peace and Consolation
15th century Gregorian Chant from the Low Countries
Songs from original Modern Devotion manuscripts
Trigon Ensemble - Margot Kalse
Aliud 064


    I. Introduction

  1. Ic wil mi seluen troesten (St. Agnes Convent Utrecht)
  2. Super omnia / Lux est in tenebris (Fraterhuis Zwolle)
  3. Verbliit v lieve susterkijn, hymn (St. Margareth's Convent Amsterdam)
  4. Nullus labor (IJsselvalley/Zwolle)
  5. Die werelt hielt mi in hair gewout (St. Agnes Convent Utrecht)
  6. II. Marian Devotion

  7. Salve Regina (Mariënpoel Convent near Leiden)
    Versus super Virginalis castitas (IJsselvalley/Zwolle)
  8. Maria nobilissima (Mariënpoel)
  9. Maria serenissima (Mariënpoel)
  10. Allen mijn troest mijn toeverlaat (Ter Noot Gods, Tongeren)
  11. III. Meditation

  12. Lauda relauda (IJsselvalley/Zwolle)
  13. In pace Christi (Mariënpoel Convent near Leiden)
  14. O ineffabilis Dei mei pietas (Fraterhuis Zwolle)
  15. O dulcissime Ihesu, Sequens
  16. IV. Celebration

  17. O qualis quantaque leticia (Fraterhuis Zwolle)
  18. Rector potens (Mariënpoel Convent near Leiden)
  19. Rerum deus (Mariënpoel Convent)
  20. Verbum caro (Mariënpoel)
  21. Verbum caro (Utrecht & Brussels)
  22. O Jhesus bant (Manuscript Koning & Utrecht)
  23. Iubilemus singuli (IJsselvalley/Zwolle)
  24. V. Conclusion

  25. Jerusalem luminosa (Fraterhuis Zwolle)

Performers: Margot Kalse (director, alto), Marsja Mudde (soprano), Cora Schmeiser (soprano)

Playing time: 61'34

Recording dates: June & November 2012 (Old Catholic Church, Delft, The Netherlands)

This program consists of 15th century plainchant revolving around the reform movement of Geert Groote from the end of the 14th century.

Information from Johan Borremans.

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Todd M. McComb