Troubadour and Jongleur

Troubadour and Jongleur
Music from Occitania (12th century)
Ensemble Super Librum - Jankees Braaksma
Aliud ACD 92HB02


  1. Danca

  2. Guiraut de Borneil:
  3. Reis glorios, verais lums e clartatz

  4. Anon.:
  5. Estampida perduda

  6. La Comtessa de Dia:
  7. A chantar m'er

  8. Anon.:
  9. Lai non par (instrumental)

  10. Bernard de Ventadorn:
  11. Be m'an perdut lai enves

  12. Improvisation:
  13. Virgo (instrumental)

Performers: Ensemble Super Librum - Jankees Braaksma: Consuelo Sanudo (voice), Jankees Braaksma (recorder, organetto), Ronald Moelker (recorder, percussion). With Yahia Boukhris (trad. N.African perciussion).

Playing time: 53' 01"

Recording site and date: Gothic Church, Garnwerd, Groningen, NL [1991].

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