Schola Buccina

Schola Buccina Trombone Ensemble on authentic instruments
Schola Buccina Trombone Ensemble
Alice Musik ALCD 008


    Torsten Nilsson: opera "Malin"
  1. Improvisations

  2. Michael Praetorius: Terpsichore
  3. Courante

  4. Guillame Dufay: Missa Missa "Sancti Jacobi"
  5. Kyrie

  6. Heinrich Isaac
  7. Canzone la martinella

  8. Josquin Desprez
  9. Canzone la bernardina

  10. Alexander Agricola
  11. Trio

  12. Claudio Monteverdi
  13. Trio sacrae cantiunculae

  14. Samuel Scheidt
  15. Magnificat

  16. Bartolomeo Cordans
  17. Trio

  18. Daniel Speer
  19. Sonata I
    Sonata II

  20. Ludwig van Beethoven
  21. Three equali

  22. Johann Sebastian Bach
  23. Ten canons on the first eight notes of the aria ground from the Goldberg variations, BWV 1087

Playing time: 37' 40"

Schola Buccina [Jörgen Johansson (alto trombone, bronze lurs); Ivo Nilsson (alto trombone, tenor trombone, bronze lurs), Sven Larsson (bass trombone, bronze lurs), John Petersen (tenor trombone), Olav Holmquist (tenor trombone)] with Leif Karlsson (percussion)

Recording site and date:
Mälsåker Castle [08/1990], Boo Chapel [05/1991] and lake Båven [05/1990]

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