Chansons de Toile

Chansons de Toile
Esther Lamandier
Alienor 1011


    Anon - Manuscript de St Germain
  1. Bele Yolanz
  2. Bele Doette
  3. Oriolanz

  4. Audefroi le Bâtard - Manuscript du Roi
  5. Bele Isabiauz
  6. Bele Ydoine
  7. Au novel tans

Playing time: 48'

Production date: February 1983

This recording is solo vocal throughout, presenting a compelling look at the poetic lyricism of the chanson de toile.

A new recording focusing on this genre:

Chansons de toile
Bele Ysabiauz pucele bien aprise
Ligeriana - Katia Caré
Calliope 9387

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