Old Organs in Flanders

Oude orgels in Vlaaneren - Vieilles Orgues en Flandres, no. 2 - Old Organs in Flanders, Nr 2
(aka: Ancient organ music in the Netherlands)
Gabriël Verschraegen
Alpha CL 2017 [LP]
Alpha CL 3017 [LP]
Alpha CLV 3017 [LP]
Alpha "Monumenta Belgicae musicae" MBM 29 [LP]


    Jacob Obrecht
  1. Hélas mon bien

  2. Heinrich Isaac
  3. Zwischen Berg und tiefem Tal

  4. Gherardus Scronx
  5. Echo

  6. Anon.
  7. Gavotte

  8. Pieter Cornet
  9. Courante with variations
  10. Faintasia op de 8e toon

  11. Jean Baptiste Loeillet
  12. Gigue

  13. Abraham van den Kerckhoven
  14. Vier Versetten

  15. Diedonné Raick
  16. Gavotte

  17. Jozef Hector Fiocco
  18. Andante

  19. Mathias van den Gheyn
  20. Preludium en fuga sol kl.

Playing time: ??'

Gabriël Verschraegen (organ)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1970 or prior];

Rel.: 1970 or prior

Information from Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-Playing Records, suppl., # 895, p. 137 & Melvyl. The number CL 2017 and CL 3017 are 2 different entries in the Melvyl catalogue.

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): December 1970

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