Nobody's jig

Nobody's jig
Mr Playford's English Dancing Master
Les Witches
Alpha 502


  1. Nobody's jig, Mr Lane's Maggott
  2. Stingo
  3. Virgin Queen, Bobbing Joe
  4. Daphne
  5. Paul's Steeple
  6. Prince Rupert March, Masco
  7. Sheperd's Holiday
  8. Confess his tune
  9. An Italian Rant
  10. Stanes Morris
  11. A Health to Betty
  12. A Mask no.6
  13. Drive the cold winter away, The Beggar Boy
  14. A Division on a ground
  15. Woodycock
  16. Wallom green
  17. Bravade, Argiers
  18. A piece without title
  19. Hey to the camp, Scottisch Tanz
  20. Rights of Man

Playing time: 72' 03"

Les Witches [Odile Edouard (violin), Claire Michon (flutes, recorders), Pascale Boquet (lute, guitar), Sylvie Moquet (viola da gamba), Freddy Eichelberger (harpsichord, cittern)]

Recording site and date:
Eglise Saint Rémi, Sérigny, France [10/2001], rel. 2002

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Mr Francis Tregian his choice
Les Witches
Alpha 063

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