Judith: A biblical story

Judith - A biblical story from Renaissance Croatia
Ensemble Dialogos
Alpha 702 [book+DVD+CD]


    Katarina Livljanic
  1. Holofernes in Bethulia. Fear and terror
  2. Parched land. Judith's prayer and transfiguration
  3. Seduction and drunkenness
  4. Murder. Agonies
  5. Judith's return. Final canticle

Ensemble Dialogos
Katarina Livljanic (voice, conception, direction), Albrecht Maurer (fiddle, lirica), Norbert Rodenkirchen (flutes), Sanda Hrzic (scenography), Radislav J Gonzo (film realisation)

Playing time: 66'

Recording site and date:
Church of Zadar (Croatia) [9/2010]
Rel.: 2013

Information from DVD. This is a musical reconstruction of a 16th century manuscript.

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