Music by Renaissance Masters

Music by Renaissance Masters
Live at Busch-Reisinger Museum
Telemann Society Motet Choir and Instrumental Ensemble - Theodora Schulze, cond.
Amphion CL 2150 [LP]


  1. Band 1: Two Motets
      Hans Leo Hassler
    1. Angelus ad pastores

    2. Orlandus Lassus
    3. Ave Regina
  2. Band I1: Instrumental Canzona
      Jacob Obrecht
    1. Tsaat een Meskin
  3. Band II1: Leid
      Ludwig Senfl
    1. Mein Vleis und Mus
  4. Band 1V: Two Instrumental Canzonas
      Adrian Willaert
    1. Ricercar, aeolian mode

    2. Josquin Desprez
    3. Fantazie, dorian mode
  5. Band V
      Clemens Non Papa
    1. Introit: Adoramus te

    2. Josquin Desprez
    3. Motet: Ave Maria, gratia plena
  6. Band VI
      Heinrich Isaac
    1. Instrumental Movement without Title
  7. ----
  8. Band VII: Two Motets
      Jean Mouton
    1. Exalta Regina Galilei

    2. Jacob Handl
    3. Ecce Quomodo Moritur
  9. Band VIII: Thomas Stoltzer
      Thomas Stoltzer
    1. Ricercare, dorian mode
    2. Rivercare, aeolian mode
  10. Band IX: Chanson
      Johannes Ockeghem
    1. Ma Bouche Rit
  11. Band X:
      Jams Newsidler
    1. Ein Gut Preambel
  12. Band XI: Two Hymns
      Heinrich Finck
    1. In die Natali Domini
    2. In Annuntiatione B.M.V.

Playing time: ca 36'

Telemann Society Motet Choir and Instrumental Ensemble:
Vocal soloists
Theodora Schulze, cond.

Recording site and date:
Live at Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University [01/1970]
Rel.: 1970 or later

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