Synagogal Music in the Baroque

Synagogal Music in the Baroque
Anthology of Musical Traditions in Israel AMTI CD 9101
(C) and (P) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1991
73.43 minutes total

A slightly abridged re-issue of "Synagogal Art Music, XIIth-XVIIIth centuries"



  1. Salamone Rossi: Le-mî ehpots la'asôt yeqar, Echo-poem for a wedding in the ghetto of Mantua (ca. 1610-1622) for 8 voices
  2. Carlo Grossi: Canta ebraica in dialogo, for the celebration of Hôsha'na rabbah by the "Watchers of the Dawn" fraternity, probably in Venice, before 1681, for baritone ("tenore", 4-part choir and continuo)
  3. Volunio Gallichi and Francesco Drei: Extracts from the music ceremony for the inauguration of the synagogue of Siena in 1786, for tenor, choir and orchestra. Poems by Eliezer Forti, Eyyal Mikha'el Shabbetay Levi
  4. Extracts from musical ceremonies by anonymous composers for the celebration of Hôsha'na rabbah by the Zerîzîm fraternity ("the Nimble") in Casale Monferrato 1732-1733 for soloists, choir and orchestra. Portions of the libretto by Sh. H. Jarach
  5. Amsterdam

  6. Abraham Caceres: Hishqî hizqî. 3-part choir with instrumental accompaniment. Text by Isaac Aboab da Fonseca.
  7. Abraham Caceres: Ham-mesîah illemîm. 2 voices with instrumental accompaniment
  8. Cristiano G. Lidarti: Nôra Elohim (Ps. 68, 36). 3-part choir with instrumental accompaniment
  9. Cristiano G. Lidarti: Kol han-neshamah (Ps. 150,6). Cantata for soprano with instrumental accompaniment
  10. Cristiano G. Lidarti: Be-fî yesharîm. 4-part choir with instrumental accompaniment
  11. Southern France

  12. Louis Saladin: Canticum hebraicum. "Divertissement" for a circumcision, for soloists, 4-part choir and orchestra

Recorded live 3 August 1978, Jerusalem.

Gila Yaron, soprano; Mirah Zakai, alto; Nigel Rogers, tenor; Louis Garb, tenor; Willy Haparnas, baritone; Valery Maisky, cembalo; Ehud Leibner, narrator

Avner Itai, conductor, The Cameran Singers, Chamber ensemble and soloists Israel Adler, editor.

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