Synagogal Music in the Baroque - III

Synagogal Music in the Baroque - III
Hosha'na Rabbah in Casale Monferrato 1733
Dio, clemenza e rigore - God, Defender and Accuser
Libretto by S.H. Jarach
Anthology of Musical Traditions in Israel AMTI CD 9601


    Hosha'na Rabbah in Casale Monferrato 1733
  1. Symphony-overture in C: Adôn 'ôlam
  2. Sinfonia in G; Zemîrôt (Psalm 13:6)
  3. Symphony-overture in G

  4. Dio, clemenza e rigore
  5. Dio: Recitative (Has sôvevîm); aria (Hay-yôm)
  6. Clemenza: Recitative (Akh tôv); aria (Elî)
  7. Rigore & Clemenza: Recitative (Pôged); Rigore: Aria (Ke-khiyyôr)
  8. Dio, Rigore & Clemenza: Recitative (Melîts we-nirgan); Clemenza & Rigore: Duetto (Efga')
  9. Dio: Recitative (Lûlê); aria (Le'ôm)
  10. Clemenza & Rigore: Recitative (Hasket); Tutti: Cora (Lekhû nerannenah)

A Noah Greenberg Memorial Publication
(C) and (P) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1996

Playing time: 46.04 minutes

Recorded live by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Wiener Konzerthaus, 6 June 1995.

Aris Christofellis, soprano; Luigi Petroni, tenor; Andrea Martin, baritone
Capella Savaria, Pál Németh, artistic director
Hungarian Chamber Choir, Matyas Ontal, director

Avner Itai, Conductor
Musical arrangement, realization of the basso continuo and program notes by Israel Adler.

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