Elizabethan Anthems

Elizabethan Christmas Anthems
Red Byrd / Rose Consort of Viols
Amon Ra 46


  1. Gibbons: This is the record of John (5 voices, 5 viols)
  2. Byrd: Christe qui lux (4 viols)
  3. Tomkins: Sing unto God (5 voices, 5 viols)
  4. Martin Peerson (1580-1650): Upon my lap (4 voices, 3 viols)
  5. Byrd: Fantasy 2 in 1 (5 viols)
  6. John Amner (d.1641): O Ye Little Flock (6 voices, 5 viols)
  7. Byrd: Browning (5 viols)
  8. Anon: Sweet was the song the virgin sung (soprano, 4 viols)
  9. Holborne: Pavan The Cradle / Galliard Lullabie (5 viols)
  10. Bull: The Starre Anthem (6 voices, 5 viols)
  11. Byrd: Lullaby (alto, 4 viols)
  12. Gibbons: In Nomine (5 viols)
  13. Gibbons: See, see, the Word is Incarnate (6 voices, 5 viols)

Performers: Sarah Groser (treble viol), John Bryan (tenor viol), Susanna Pell (bass viol), Elizabeth Liddle (bass viol), Alison Crum (great bass viol), John Potter (tenor), Richard Wistreich (bass), Emily Van Evera (soprano), Kate Eckersley (soprano), Caroline Trevor (alto), Charles Daniels (tenor), Donald Greig (baritone)

Playing time: 59'

Recording date: November 1989

A recording devoted to Martin Peerson:

Peerson: Latin Motets
Ex Cathedra Consort - Jeffrey Skidmore
Hyperion 67490

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