Worcester Fragments

Worcester Fragments
English sacred music of the late Middle Ages
Orlando Consort
Amon Ra 59


  1. Alleluya moduletur
  2. O sponsa dei electa
  3. Alleluya Nativitas
  4. Sanctus
  5. Ave virgo mater
  6. Salve sancta parens
  7. Thomas gemma Cantuarie primula
  8. Super te Ierusalem
  9. Munda Maria
  10. Sponsa rectoris omnium
  11. O Maria virgo pia
  12. Candens crescit lilium
  13. Gloria
  14. O quam glorifica
  15. Fulget celestis curia
  16. Senator regis curie
  17. Inviolata integra mater
  18. Dulciflua tua memoria
  19. Virgo regalis
  20. Puellare gremium
  21. Beata viscera
  22. Prolis eterne genitor
  23. Lux polis refulgens aurea
  24. De supernis sedibus
  25. Quam admirabilis

Performers: Robert Harre-Jones, Charles Daniels, Angus Smith, Donald Greig

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: March 1992

This manuscript was only recently (partially) recovered from scattered fragments. The music apparently dates from around 1290, and was definitely bound together at the Worcester Cathedral at some point. The works performed here are complete (not "fragments"), although not all of the pieces of the original manuscript have been recovered.

There are several interesting polyphonic ideas here which aren't found in other sources, including some embryonic isorhythms in a few tracks.

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