A Golden Treasury of Mediæval Music

A Golden Treasury of Mediæval Music
Sine Nomine
Amon Ra CD-SAR 63


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  1. Cantiga 153: Quen quer que tenen desden

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  41. Cornacus scripsit

Playing time: 75' 30"

Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music [Holly Cluett (soprano), Jay Lambie (tenor), Bryan Martin (baritone, lute), Randall Rosenfeld (vielle, gittern, flute, recorder), Andrea Budgey (harp, recorder, soprano, durabukka)]

Recording site and date:
Valley Recordings, Littleton-on-Severn [06/1995]

Reviewed in:
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Other recordings of Sine Nomine:
This is the second CD for this group; they recorded a cassette released in 1994 "Gaudeamus omnes - Medieval Music of the Saints", distributed in Britain and North America. In 1995, the ensemble provided the music for a CD-ROM version of Peter Ustinov's "Inside Vatican" for PBS

Information from owned CD. The booklet included with the CD is a model to follow in term of academic information; just before listening to the CD you feel they wish to show that, although they are beginning in the field, they want to deliver a serious product. And as seen above, the content is extremely ambitious covering from the 9th century to mid 16th. And the result is serious, well done and more than promising. This canadian ensemble and the french-canadian ensemble "Anonymus" represent very well Canada in the EM field. It should be also noted that the pronunciation of old french is excellent for an english speaking singer (Jay Lambie).

Pierre-F. Roberge

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Music of the Middle Ages & Early Renaissance in Scotland
Mackillop / Taylor / Hunter / Rendall
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