Tales and Music of the Middle Ages

Tales and Music of the Middle Ages
The Quill Consort
Ars Noel Publishing NSP 1010 [Cassette]


    Side A
  1. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Anon., c.1400)
  2. Der Mai (Oswald von Wolkenstein, 1377-1445)
  3. Bisclavret (Marie de France, c.1175)
  4. Certamen fidium (Rodney Dillard, Douglas Dillard, Mitchell Jayne, Dean Webb)

  5. Side B
  6. La Rotta (Italian, 14th century)
  7. Stella splendens (Spanish, 14th century)
  8. Non al suo amante (Jacopo da Bologna, fl. c.1350)
  9. La quarte estampie real (French, 14th century)
  10. Grendel (excerpt from Beowulf in Old English, c.800)
  11. Alle psallite (English, 13th century)
  12. Bailemos (Portuguese, 13th century)
  13. La quinte estampie real (French, 14th century)
  14. Con lagrime bagnando me (Giovanni Ciconia, c.1335-1411)
  15. Saltarello (Italian, 14th century)
  16. Lullay, lullay (English, 13th century)
  17. Pearl (excerpt in Middle English, c.1400)
  18. Pour l'amour (Guillaume Dufay, c.1400-1474)
  19. Estampida (Italian, 14th century)
  20. Gabriel fram Heven-king (English, 13th century)
  21. Trotto (Italian, 14th century)

Playing time: Side A: 27' 05" - Side B: 27' 45"

The Quill Consort - Joseph A. Baldassarre, musical direction
Joseph A. Baldassarre (medieval lute, recoder, crumhorn, flute, percussion, voice), Linda Marie Zaerr (narration, vielle, rebec, finger cymbals, voice)

Recording site and date:
Side A: Morrison Center, Boise, ID [03/1989];
Side B: Nova Sound Boise, ID
Rel. 1989

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