Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400-1470)

Guillaume Dufay (vers 1400-1470)
Motet à quatre voix - Motet for Four Voices
Les Paraphonistes de Saint-Jean-des-Matines - Guillaume de Van, dir.
L'Anthologie sonore 121 (matrix AS 261, AS 262) [78rpm, Europe]
The Gramophone Shop "L'Anthologie sonore" AS 121 [78rpm, USA]


    Guillaume Dufay, Modena, Extense Lib., Ms. A.X..I., 11, ff 64
  1. Salvae quae fama - Vos nunc - Viri mendaces (1re partie)

  2. ----
  3. Salvae quae fama - Vos nunc - Viri mendaces (2e partie)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Les Paraphonistes de Saint-Jean-des-Matines & [Raymond Bonté (tenor), Eugène Bousquet (baritone) with instruments] - Guillaume de Van, dir.

Recording site and date:
Paris, France [ca 1943];
Rel.: ca 1944

The Gramophone Shop "L'Anthologie Sonore" (121-130) [78rpm x 10] A synthesis of the musical arts: 14th to 18th centuries, vol. XIII
Haydn Society "L'Anthologie sonore" AS 3 [LP, mono] The 14th & 15th Centuries: Machault and Dufay
Haydn Society "L'Anthologie sonore" Set HS.AS-A [LPx5, mono] L'Anthologie sonore vol. I.

Information from owned 78rpm french release, owned LP, and "The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music", 1948 ed.
Number M6 105835 & M6 105836 also appear engraved on the shellac. According to Jerome F. Weber, this disc was made in Chatou, France. On the paper label appears "Étiquette provisoire".

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