Italian Monodies c. 1625

Monodies italiennes vers 1625
D. Manzoli, C. Monteverdi
M. Meili, R. Gerlin, A. Mosser
L'Anthologie sonore 21 [78rpm, 30cm, Europe]
The Gramophone Shop « L'Anthologie sonore » AS 21 [78rpm, 30cm, USA]

Production number on label; matrix number engraved on disc
side 1: AS 40; M6-80646
side 2: AS 39; M6-80645


    Claudio Monteverdi
  1. Ohimè, ch'io cado

  2. Domenico Manzoli
  3. Quando tu mi guardi
  4. Se le vedeste piaghe

Max Meili (tenor), Ruggero Gerlin (harpsichord), A. Mosser (harpsichord)
Curt Sachs, mus. dir.

Playing time: 03' 51" + 04' 16"

Recording site and date:
Paris, France [1935];
Rel.: 1935

The Gramophone Shop « L'Anthologie sonore » (21-30) [78rpm x 10] A synthesis of the musical arts: 14th to 18th centuries, vol. III.
Haydn Society « L'Anthologie sonore » AS-9 Italian Music of the XVIth & XVIIth Centuries
Haydn Society « L'Anthologie sonore » Set HS.AS-B [LPx5, mono] L'Anthologie sonore vol. II.
Adès « L'Anthologie sonore » MS 30 AS 527 [LP, 30cm, mono] Madrigaux, monodies et chants italiens des XVIe et XVIIe siècles

Information from BnF Gallica & Phonotèque nationale suisse.

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