K. P. E. Bach – J. S. Bach: Pieces for clavichord

Karl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Adieu à mon clavicorde
Johann Sebastian Bach: Cinq pièces pour le clavicorde
E. Bodky
L'Anthologie sonore 24 [78rpm, 30cm, Europe]
The Gramophone Shop « L'Anthologie sonore » AS 24 [78rpm, 30cm, USA]

Production number engraved & on label; matrix number engraved on disc
side 1: AS 28; M6-?
side 2: AS 29; M6-?


    Karl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  1. Abshied von meinem Silbermannischen Claviere in einem Rondeau

  2. Johann Sebastian Bach: Five pieces for the clavichord
  3. Menuet
  4. Polonaise
  5. Menuet
  6. March
  7. Choral

Erwin Bodky (clavichord)
Curt Sach, mus. dir.

Playing time: 04' 14" + 04' 20" = 08' 34"

Recording site and date:
Paris, France [1935];
Rel.: 1935

The Gramophone Shop « L'Anthologie sonore » (21-30) [78rpm x 10] A synthesis of the musical arts: 14th to 18th centuries, vol. III.

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