Le concerto baroque

Le concerto baroque / The Baroque Concerto
Gerlin, Charbonnier, J. Fournier, String orchestra
L'Anthologie Sonore AS 2503 LD [LP, 25cm, mono]
Haydn Society "L'Anthologie sonore" AS-31 [LP, 30cm, mono]


    Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in D Major, for violin and orchestra, op. 3, no. 9
  1. Allegro
  2. Larghetto
  3. Larghetto
  4. Allegro

  5. Johann Sebastian Bach, transc. of Antonio Vivaldi concerto in D Major, op. 3, no. 9 for harpsichord and orchestra
  6. Allegro
  7. Larghetto
  8. Larghetto
  9. Allegro
  10. Johann Sebastian Bach
  11. Concerto in C for two harpsichord and orchestra

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] Ruggero Gerlin (harpsichord), Marcelle Charbonnier (harpsichord) with String Orchestra - Curt Sachs, cond.
[2]-[5] Jean Fournier (solo violin) with Orchestra and Harpsichord; Curt Sachs, art. dir.
[6]-[9] Ruggero Gerlin (harpsichord); Curt Sachs, art. dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1951 or prior]; rel. 1951

[1]-[4] L'Anthologie sonore AS 37 [78rpm] Antonio Vivaldi (c. 1678-1743): Concerto pour violon, orchestre et clavecin
[5]-[8] L'Anthologie sonore AS 38 [78rpm] Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto, 3 movements, transc. J. S. Bach
[9] L'Anthologie sonore AS 41 / 42 [78rpm x 2] Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto (2 harpsichords)

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Information from Bn-Opale plus, and "The World's Encyclopedia of Record Music (supplement II), 1952 ed.".

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