W. A. Mozart: Motets et Offertoires

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Motets et Offertoires
Soloists, chorus, and orchestra of L'Anthologie sonore, Duruflé - Félix Raugel, dir.
L'Anthologie Sonore 2504 LD [LP, 25cm, mono]
Haydn Society "L'Anthologie sonore" AS-34 [LP, 30cm, mono]
Adès "Anthologie sonore" MS 30 AS 531 [LP, 30cm, mono]


    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  1. Offertorium de tempore: Misericordias Domini, K. 205a (222)
  2. Graduale ad Festum B. Mariae Virginis: Sancta Maria Mater Dei, K. 273
  3. Lacrymosa, Anh. A2 (93c) also attributed to L. Mozart but composed by J. E. Eberlin
  4. Offerorium Pro omni tempore, no. 3: Jubilate, K. 66a (117)
  5. Offertorium sub exposito venerabili: "Convertentur Sedentes", Anh.C.3.09 (342) by L. Mozart ?
  6. Offertorium de B. V. Maria: Alma Dei Creatoris, K. 272a (277)
  7. Regina Cœli, K. 321b (276)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Soloists, chorus, and orchestra of L'Anthologie sonore, Maurice Duruflé (organ) - Félix Raugel, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1952 or prior];
Rel.: 1952 (2504 LD)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Revue Disques (Vol.-p.): 52/53-??? (Christmas 1952) for 2504 LD.

Information from Bn-Opale plus, and "The World's Encyclopedia of Record Music (supplement II), 1952 ed.".

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