Ballades du 14e siècle

Ballades du 14e siècle - Ballads of the Fourteenth Century
Guermant, Anspach, Marcus, Bauwens, Desèches
L'Anthologie sonore 63 [78rpm France]
The Gramophone Shop « L'Anthologie sonore » AS 63 [78rpm, USA]

Production number on label; matrix number engraved on disc
side 1: AS 138; M6-?
side 2: AS 139; M6-?


    Francesco Landino (aka Landini), Florence, Bibl. Laurenziana, Ms. Med. Pal. 87, f. 133v
  1. Gran piant' agli occhi

  2. Matteo de Perugia (aka Perusio), Modena, Extense Lib., lat. 568, f. 9r
  3. Plus onques dame n'a mercy

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] La Société Pro Musica Antiqua, Brussels
H. Guermant (soprano), Frédéric Anspach (tenor) with alto viol, medieval harp, soprano recorder
Safford Cape, dir.; Curt Sachs, art. dir.
[2] Trio of viols
Marcus, Bauwens, Dusèches
Safford Cape, dir.; Curt Sachs, art. dir.

Recording site and date:
Paris, France [1937];
Rel.: 1937 or later

The Gramophone Shop « L'Anthologie sonore » (61-70) [78rpm x 10] A synthesis of the musical arts: 14th to 18th centuries, vol. VII
Haydn Society « L'Anthologie sonore » AS 2: [LP, mono] The 13th and 14th Centuries
Haydn Society « L'Anthologie sonore » Set HS.AS-A [LPx5, mono] L'Anthologie sonore vol. I.

Information from owned LP and Bn-F; also from Revue belge de Musicologie, Vol. XXXIV-XXXV (1980-1981): Bernard Gagnepain – Safford Cape et le "miracle" Pro musica antiqua (p. 212); and also "The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music", 1948 ed.

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