George Frederic Haendel

George Frederic Haendel – Georg Friedrich Händel
R. Gerlin, M. Meili & String Orchestra - Curt Sachs
L'Anthologie sonore 70 [78rpm, 30cm, Europe]
The Gramophone Shop "L'Anthologie sonore" AS 70 [78rpm, 30cm, USA]

Production number on label; matrix number engraved on disc
side 1: AS 154; M6-90870
side 2: AS 155; M6-90871


    George Frederic Handel: Cantata "Praise of Harmony" (Look down, look down, harmonious saint)
  1. Recitativo
  2. Andante allegro

  3. Andante allegro
  4. Andante Larghetto

Max Meili (tenor)
String Orchestra
Curt Sachs, dir.
Ruggero Gerlin (harpsichord)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Paris, France [1938];
Rel.: ca 1938

The Gramophone Shop "L'Anthologie sonore" (61-70) [78rpm x 10] A synthesis of the musical arts: 14th to 18th centuries, vol. VII.

Information from Phonothèque nationale suisse.

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