Music for Meditation and Contemplation

Music for Meditation and Contemplation
Sacred Medieval, Renaissance and Contemporary Vocal Music
Raum Klang "edition apollon" RK ap 10117

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Performers: Wolfram Lattke (tenor), Robert Pohlers (tenor), Frank Ozimek (baritone), Daniel Knauft (bass), Holger Krause (bass)

Playing time: 79'

Released: 2017

Includes music by Tallis (Te Lucis), Sixt Dietrich, Thomas Stoltzer, Johan Stahel, Machaut (Kyrie), Sidney Marquez Boquiren, Anonymous, Ockeghem (Credo from Missa Sine Nomine à 5), Ivan Moody, Johann Walter, Byrd, Nikolay Nikolayevich Kedrov, Gesualdo, John Tavener, Josquin (De profundis), Marcus Ludwig.

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Todd M. McComb