Medieval English Lyrics

Medieval English Lyrics
Various performers - Frank Ll. Harrison & Eric J. Dobson, dirs.
Argo ZRG 443 [LP, mono]
Argo ZRG 5443 [LP, stereo]
Decca SMD 1514 [LP]


    Anon., c1240:
  1. Perspice christicola: Sumer is icumen in

  2. Anon., late 13th c.:
  3. Foweles in the frith
  4. Edi be thu, hevene-quene

  5. St Godric:
  6. Sainte Marie Virgine

  7. Anon., early 13th c.:
  8. Miri it is
  9. Stabat iuxta Christi crucem

  10. Anon., end of 13th c.:
  11. Gabriel fram heven-king

  12. Anon., late 13th c.:
  13. Stond wel, moder, under rode

  14. Anon, c1430:
  15. Nowel, nowel, nowel; Owt of your sleep

  16. ----
    Anon., 1415-1421:
  17. Deo gracias Anglia: Owr king went forth

  18. Anon., mid 15th c.:
  19. Pray for us, thou Prince of Pes
  20. Go hert, hurt with adversitee
  21. Now wold y fayn

  22. ?Sir Thomas Phillips:
  23. This day day daws

  24. Henry VIII:
  25. Green growith th'holy

Playing time: ??' ??"

Ensemble [Grayston Burgess (countertenor), Gerald English (tenor), John Frost (baritone), Owen Grundy (bass), Robin Stenham (treble), Robert Tear (tenor), John Whitworth (countertenor), Osian Ellis (harp & voice), Desmond Dupr (plectrum lute and guitar), Joan Rimmer (psaltery), Christopher Taylor (recorder), Christopher Wellington (viola)] - Frank Ll. Harrison, Music editor and director & Eric J. Dobson, Poetry editor and director

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1965 or prior]

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