Now Make We Merthe

Now Make We Merthe
aka: Weinachtsmusik aus Mittelalter und Renaissance (Decca release)
The Purcell Consort of Voices, Boys of All Saints, Margaret Street (Michael Flemming, choirmaster), London Brass Ensemble - Grayston Burgess, dir.
Argo ZRG 526 [LP]
Decca (Teldec) SAWD 9977-B [LP, Germany]
Decca "Argo" 475 8589-3 [CD]


    Anon., 13th c.
  1. Lux hodie: Orientis partibus (Ian Partride, tenor, Geoffrey Shaw (baritone)

  2. Anon., 14th c.
  3. Resonemus laudibus (Stephen Borton & Paul Copcutt, trebles)

  4. Anon., 15th c.
  5. Verbum caro: In hoc anni circulo

  6. Anon., 13th c.
  7. Fines amouretes (Lance-Sergeant Pirrie, bagpipes)

  8. Anon., 12th c.
  9. Verbum patris hodie

  10. Anon., 14th c.
  11. Lullay, lullow: I saw a sweete (Stephen Borton & Paul Copcutt, trebles)

  12. Anon., 14th c.
  13. Fulget hodie de l'espine (John Buttrey, tenor)

  14. Anon., 15th c.
  15. Now make we merthe: Now God Almighty (Ian Partridge, tenor, Christopher Keyte, bass)

  16. Jean Mouton, 1519
  17. Noe, noe, noe, psallite

  18. ----------
    Anon., 15th c.
  19. Nowell: The: borys hede

  20. Anon., 15th c.
  21. Pray for us: In this valey

  22. Anon., 12th c.
  23. Verbum patris humanatur (Christopher Keyte, bass)

  24. Anon., 1520
  25. Conditor fut le non-pareil (Grayston Burgess, countertenor)

  26. Anon., 15th c.
  27. Nova, nova: Gabriell off hye degre (Lance-Sergeant Pirrie, bagpipes)

  28. Richard Smert, mid 15th century
  29. Nowell: Dieus vous garde

  30. Anon., 1556
  31. Riu, riu, chiu: El lobo rabioso (Geoffrey Shaw, bass)

  32. Anon., 14th c.
  33. Verbum caro: Dies est laetitiae

  34. Johann Walther, 1544
  35. Joseph, lieber Joseph mein

Playing time: 47' app.

The Purcell Consort of Voices (Grayston Burgess (counter-tenor), Ian Partridge (tenor), John Buttrey (tenor), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone, bass), Christopher Keyte (bass), Stephen Borton (treble), Paul Copcutt (treble)], London Brass Ensemble, Simon Preston (organ), Michael Dobson (oboe), James MacGillavray (heckelphone), Osian Ellis (harp), Joan Rimmer (psaltery), Robert Spencer (lute), Boys of All Saints, Margaret Street (Michael Flemming, choirmaster) - Grayston Burgess, dir.

Recording site and date: Unknown [12/1967]

[1]-[3], [5]-[7], [10], [12], [13], [15]-[16] Boston Skyline BSD 121 Now Make We Merthe Recording [CD]

Comments: Information from owned LP, with additional information from Pierre-F. Roberge. This LP is listed twice (# 787 - Argo & 898 - Decca) in Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-playing Records, stating that the Decca issue has less tracks than the Argo; information is very probably wrong (Pierre-F. Roberge).

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