To Entertain a King

To Entertain a King
(aka: Music to Entertain a King)
(or: The Tudors - To Entertain a King - Music for Henry VIII and his Court)
Musica Reservata - Michael Morrow, dir.
Purcell Consort of Voices - Grayston Burgess, dir.
Argo ZRG 566 [LP]
Argo 905564 [LP]
Argo ZK 24 [LP]
Decca 480 4866 [CD]


    William Cornish
  1. Blow thy horn, hunter (baritone, crumhorn, sackbutts)

  2. Barbireau
  3. En frolyk weson (countertenor, recorder, lute)

  4. Henry VIII
  5. Taunder naken (crumhorn, sackbutts)

  6. William Cornish
  7. Ah Robin, gentle Robin (voices)

  8. Anon., 3 Dances
  9. Basse danse: Il me fuffit (rebecs, bass viol, harp)
  10. Galliard: Rocha el fuso (lute)
  11. Pavane: Vegnando da Bologna (violin, rebecs, bass viol, lute)

  12. Richefort
  13. Chanson: Demon triste desplaisir (voices)

  14. Anon.
  15. Instrumental fancy (recorders)

  16. William Cornish
  17. Adieu, mes amours (voices, harp)

  18. Heinrich Issac
  19. La my (rebecs, bass viol)

  20. Anon.
  21. I am a jolly foster (voices)

  22. Busnois
  23. Fortune esperee (tenor, curtal, crumhorn, sackbutt)

  24. Anon., 2 Dances
  25. La morisque (shawm, sackbutts)
  26. Passo e mezzo (shawm, sackbutts)

  27. Anon.
  28. Where be ye, my love? (voices)
  29. My Lady Carey's Dumpe (harpsichord)
  30. Galliard: Il buratto (rebecs, bass viol)

  31. Daggere
  32. Downberry down (voices)

  33. Anon.
  34. Henry VIII's Pavane (harpsichord)

  35. Anon., 2 Dances
  36. Galliard: La traditora (crumhorn, sackbutts)
  37. Allemande prince (crumhorn, sackbutts)

  38. Anon.
  39. Hey trolly lolly lo (voices)
  40. The Antyck (lute)

  41. Henry VIII
  42. Pastime with good company (voices, shawm, sackbutts, rebecs, bass viol, harp)

Playing time: 44 minutes

Musica Reservata:
R. David (violin, rebec), Desmond Dupre (lute, bass viol), B. Wilson (harp), John Sothcott (recorder), Alan Lumsden (sackbutt), Dapne Webb (rebec), Michael Morrow (crumhorn), John Beckett (harpsichord), David Munrow (crumhorn, shawm, curtal), T. Moore (sackbutt)
Michael Morrow, dir.
Purcell Consort of Voices:
Grayston Burgess (countertenor), Ian Partridge (tenor), John Buttrey (tenor), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone), Christopher Keyte (bass), Paul Copcutt (treble voice), John Burniston (treble voice)
Grayston Burgess, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1968 or prior];
Rel.: 1968 (ZRG), 1977 (905564), 2015 (CD)

Comments: Information from owned LP & Jorge Salazar.

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