Metaphysical Tobacco

Metaphysical Tobacco
Songs and Dances by Dowland, East, and Holborne
Musica Reservata - Michael Morrow, dir.
Purcell Consort of Voices - Grayston Burgess, dir.
Argo ZRG-572 [Stereo LP]


    Anthony Holborne
  1. "The Honie Suckle"

  2. Michael East
  3. "Poor is the Life" a 6

  4. Anon., arr. of a Dowland song
  5. "Sorrow stay"

  6. John Dowland
  7. Pauan a 4

  8. John Dowland
  9. "What if I never speed"

  10. Michael East
  11. "Weep not dear love" a 6

  12. John Dowland
  13. Galliard: "Can she excuse"

  14. Michael East
  15. "Your shining eyes" a 6
  16. "O Metaphysical Tobacco" a 5

  17. ----------
    John Dowland
  18. "In this trembling shadow"

  19. Anthony Holborne
  20. "Heigh Ho Holiday"

  21. John Dowland
  22. "Lasso vita mia"

  23. John Dowland
  24. "M Thomas Collier his Galiard" a 5

  25. John Dowland
  26. "Away with these self-loving lads"

  27. Anthony Holborne
  28. "The Fairie Round"

  29. John Bull
  30. "Pipers Galliard"

  31. John Dowland
  32. "Welcome black night"

  33. Anthony Holborne
  34. "Pavana Ploravit"

Playing time: 47 minutes

Performers: Musica Reservata - Michael Morrow, dir.
[Roderick Skeaping (treble viol & violin), John Beckett (harpsichord, tenor viol), Kenneth Skeaping (tenor viol & violin), Adam Skeaping (treble viol & violone), Ruth David (treble viol & violin), Desmond Dupre (tenor viol & lute), Daphne Webb (bass viol)]
Purcell Consort of Voices - Grayston Burgess, dir.
[Grayston Burgess (countertenor), Susan Longfield (soprano), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone), Christina Clarke (soprano), Ian Partridge (tenor), Christopher Keyte (bass)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1968 or prior]

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