Renaissance brass

Renaissance brass
Music from 1400-1600
The Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Argo ZRG 823 [LP]


    Johannes Franchos
  1. Trumpet intrada

  2. Passereau, arr. Peter Reeve
  3. Il est bel et bon

  4. Alexander Agricola
  5. Oublier veul

  6. Orlande de Lassus
  7. Madrigal dell'eterna

  8. Orazio Vecchi
  9. Salterello

  10. Tielman Susato: Suite
  11. Suite
    1. La Mourisque
    2. Branle quatre branles
    3. Ronde
    4. Basse danse: Bergeret
    5. Ronde: Mon amy
    6. Pavane Bataille
  12. ----
    William Byrd
  13. Earle of Oxford's march

  14. Giles Farnaby
  15. Suite
    1. The old Spagnoletta
    2. His dreame
    3. A toye
    4. Tell mee Daphne
    5. His rest
    6. The new Sa-Hoo

  16. Orlando Gibbons
  17. Royal pavane
  18. In nomine

Playing time: ??' ??"

Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Philip Jones (trumpet), Elgar Howarth (trumpet), Michael Laird (trumpet), Peter Reeve (trumpet), John Miller (trumpet), Ifor James (horn), John Iveson (trombone), Roger Brenner (trombone), David Purser (trombone), Raymond Premru (trombone), John Fletcher (tuba), David Coakhill (percussion)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1976 or prior];
Rel.: 1976

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