Hammerschmidt: Vier Suiten

Hammerschmidt: Vier Suiten aus der Sammlung "Erster Fleiß"
Hespèrion XX - Jordi Savall
Ars Musici 1170
Ars Musici 232 231


    Suite in d für Gamben (à 5)
  1. Paduan (I/3)
  2. Galliard (II/39)
  3. Ballet (I/7)
  4. Sarabande (I/27)
  5. Courente (I/24)
  6. Ballet (I/26)

  7. Suite in g für Gamben (à 5)
  8. Paduan à 6 (II/5)
  9. Galliard (II/21)
  10. Ballet (II/8)
  11. Sarabande (II/41)
  12. Aria / Ballet (II/40)

  13. Suite in g für Bläser (à 5)
  14. Paduan (I/2)
  15. Galliard (I/34)
  16. Aria (II/11)
  17. Courente (I/21)
  18. Ballet (I/8)
  19. Ballet (I/36)
  20. Sarabande (I/17)

  21. Suite in C für Streicher und Bläser (à 5)
  22. Paduan (II/1)
  23. Galliard (II/48)
  24. Ballet (II/32)
  25. Mascharada (I/11)
  26. Ballet (I/33)
  27. Sarabande (I/12)

Performers: Bruce Dickey (cornet), Jean-Pierre Canihac (cornet), Richard Cheetham (alto trombone), Charles Toet (tenor trombone), Wim Becu (bass trombone), Jordi Savall (descant viol), Sergi Casademunt (descant viol), Roberto Gini (tenor viol), Jay Bernfeld (bass viol), Paolo Pandolfo (bass viol), Lorenz Dunftschmidt (violone), Jose Miguel Moreno (lute), Jan Willem Jansen (harpsichord)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: January 1986 (Roquemaure); reissued: 2009

The present items were published in 1636 (Part I) & 1639 (Part II).

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