Le Jeu de Robin et Marion

Adam de la Halle: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion
Ensemble Perceval - Guy Robert
Arion ARN 38 588 (LP)
Arion 68162 (CD)

Performers: Solange Boulanger (Marion), Jean-Paul Racodon (Le Chevalier, Baudon / Direction of Actors), Alain Serve (Robin), Guy Robert (Gautier / Musical Arrangement), Catherine Schroeder (Peronnelle), Vincent Audat (Huars), Katia Caré (Une musicienne)

Instruments: Recorders, gemshorn, chalumeau, shawm, raïta, vielle, rebec, 'ud, lute, harp, "Saracen" guitar, percussion

Playing time: 53'

Recording date: 1980; CD release: 1991

This recording includes the complete text, plus all of Adam de la Halle's music for the play, plus interludes by de la Halle & Colin Muset, an anonymous chanson de toile and a few motets.

The production is an integrated one; tracks are only labeled by scene (nine of them). Instrumental performers are not named.

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Todd M. McComb