De Macque / Salvatore

Napoli Barocco
De Macque / Salvatore
Michèle Dévérité
Arion 68476


  1. Salvatore: Toccata prima del primo tuono finto
  2. De Macque: Prima gagliarda
  3. De Macque: Capriccietto
  4. Salvatore: Durezze e Ligature
  5. Salvatore: Corrente Seconda
  6. De Macque: Canzona alla Francesa
  7. De Macque: Partite sopra Ruggiero
  8. De Macque: Capriccio sopra ré, fa, mi, sol
  9. Salvatore: Canzone francese terza del primo tuono finto
  10. De Macque: Consonanze stravaganti
  11. De Macque: Seconda gagliarda
  12. De Macque: Seconda canzon
  13. De Macque: Seconde Stravaganze
  14. Salvatore: Canzone francese quarta del settimo tuono naturale sopra il ballo detto la Bergamasca
  15. De Macque: Durezze e Ligature
  16. Salvatore: Corrente Prima
  17. Salvatore: Canzone francese seconda del nono tuono
  18. Salvatore: Toccata seconda del non tuono

Tuning: Christian Millot, bass in Ruggiero

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: June 1999 (Amilly)

The pairing here of Giovanni De Macque (1548-1614) and Giovanni Salvatore (1620-1688) is not really explained, although the role of each in Neapolitan & Italian keyboard music is discussed. There is no discussion of the instrument used here, a frustrating situation.

This is to be the first in a series of 17th century Italian keyboard recitals by Michèle Dévérité for Arion.

Another recording by the present performer:

Trabaci: Clavicembalo Napolitano, book 1
Michèle Dévérité
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Another recording devoted partly to De Macque on organ, again paired with music by another composer for no apparent reason:

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Liuwe Tamminga
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